Chemistry Testing

Acid Value
USP Method #401
Acid Neutralizing Capacity
USP Method
Alcohol Content (Ethanol)
Enzymatic Assay #K-ETOH
Amylose/Amylopectin Content
Enzymatic Assay #K-AMYL
USP Method and/or Enzymatic Method
Beta Glucan Content (Cereal grains)

Mixed linkage β-glucans are polymers of 1-3, 1-4 β-glucose molecules and are components of barley and oats. 

Services Provided:
(AOAC Method #995.16 for cereal Beta Glucans)

Caffeine Content
USP-NF Method
Carbohydrate Profile
AACC Method #80-04.01 Other methods available
Fatty Acid Profile
FAME AOAC (Gas Chromatography) Method
Fumaric, Maleic, Malic Acids
USP Methods
Organic Acids

Acetic, Benzoic, Butyric, Citric, Formic, Oxalic, Propionic, Sorbic, Succinic and Tarataric acid.

Services Provided:
Identification and quantification by HPLC.


Pectin Content
USP Method
Peroxide Value
AOAC Method #965.33
Protein and Nitrogen Assays
Alpha Amino Nitrogen, Bradford, Lowry Assays By USP Methods
Total Dietary Starch

Services provided:
(AOAC Method)

Resistant Starch
AOAC Method #2002.02
Total Starch
AOAC Method
Sugar Alcohols – erythritol, L-arabinitol, galactitol, Mannitol, Sorbitol, Xylitol
USP-NF Method
Total Sugars
AACC Method #80-04.01 Other methods available
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